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Powerful renewable generation modelling

EnergyMetric is a cutting-edge modelling solution to support the energy transition. From utility-scale solar and wind projects through to complex hybrid portfolios and national roadmaps, EnergyMetric supports accurate planning and assessment of new renewable energy developments.
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Buy high-resolution weather data
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Plan new solar and wind developments
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Explore complex energy transition strategies
“I’ve recently become aware of EnergyMetric and am impressed with the capabilities. It’s a timely innovation with potential to contribute much value in a rapidly evolving market.”
Alastair Dutton, Managing Director, Advent.re
Low resolution global weather simulation
High-resolution EnergyMetric weather simulation

State-of-the-art high-resolution, high quality weather data

Enhance your planning with realistic, high-resolution, multi-year simulations of the available solar and wind resource

Climate-proof investments by assessing  the impact of different long-term weather patterns on generation potential

Explore and assess generation options to maximise the available resource and the potential for ROI

Model renewable generation scenarios

Define your area of interest and explore strategies for utility-scale project developments, distributed rooftop solar initiatives, mixed technology portfolios or complex regional or national-level generation mixes

Use our resource maps and integrate geospatial data to identify the best locations for new energy installations

Import time series of hydro, geothermal or biofuel contributions to explore more holistic generation strategies 

Share modelling scenarios and results within teams, across your organisation or even with partners in other organisations

Comprehensive power-related metrics

Achieve more at pre-feasibility with detailed analysis and characterisation of the available variable renewable resources

Build robust, evidence-based investment cases by understanding risk better and quantifying the uncertainty for different renewable energy strategies

Explore generation, demand and cost using interactive visualisations and a comprehensive range of variables

Evidence-based decision making

Integrate more variable renewable energy by understanding how your generation mix could evolve

Make better informed decisions using state-of-the-art simulation capabilities

Build confidence in your planning with full transparency on metrics and clear presentation of uncertainties and sensitivities

Empower yourself and your team with tools that give you independent insight and support collaboration and sharing

See the platform in action, request a demo from our team today

Product features

Set renewable energy targets

Place individual installations

High-resolution resource maps

Integrate geospatial information

Model simple schemes or complex combinations of installation types

Receive notifications of updates and results

Compare renewable energy scenarios

Share scenarios and results

Download comprehensive reports, charts, and data

Add load curves to explore generation vs demand

Explore a range of financial parameters

Calculate CO2 emission savings and fossil fuel displacement

“I was pleased to be involved in the development of EnergyMetric. The result is a marvellous application which is extremely efficient and useful. Our generation activities include both solar and wind and I have enjoyed exploring scenarios with both technologies. I find the application particularly useful for prospecting and strategic site selection, considering both the variable resource and financial perspectives.”
Frederic Petit, Director of Development, UNELCO Engie
“Having seen a recent demonstration of EnergyMetric I was very impressed with the application. From my experience in the renewables sector I can see particular value for aspirational energy companies who are planning the development of complex hybrid portfolios and need sound guidance to strengthen project business cases.”
Ramon Fiestas, Independent Energy Consultant
“When we were introduced to EnergyMetric we immediately saw the unique, impactful and far-reaching scope and benefits of this cutting-edge modelling software. EnergyMetric can help our members navigate the path to fulfilling their ambitious renewable energy commitments. The ability to model and understand different renewable generation scenarios with this intuitive application really is a game-changer.”
Kiesha Farnum, Director Public Sector Projects, Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator
“Our Renewable Energy MSc students thoroughly enjoyed the full-day workshop provided by the EnergyMetric team. A priority for us is to prepare our students for productive and successful careers and so the applied, real-world nature of the capacity auction exercise was an excellent fit! We will definitely look for more opportunities to use the EnergyMetric software.”
Mounia Karim, Renewable Energy MSc Course Director, Cranfield University

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The team behind EnergyMetric

EnergyMetric comes from the Institute for Environmental Analytics, a world-leading R&D institute located within Europe’s largest cluster of weather and climate research.

Our entrepreneurial team is composed of PhD-educated meteorologists, data scientists and software developers. Together we share a common passion for the environment and a deep understanding of how to turn scientific data into meaningful information for end users through building attractive and insightful cloud-based software applications.

See the platform in action, request a demo from our team today

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