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Solar and wind production modelling software

EnergyMetric combines precision meteorological data with powerful analytics for assessing variable energy production from solar and wind projects. EnergyMetric saves you time and provides rigorous analysis when calculating energy yields, undertaking site assessments or optimising solar and wind portfolios.
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Solar site assessment, wind site assessment, project due diligence, GIS planning
Assess new project sites
solar energy, wind energy, yield assessment, bankability, project due diligence,
Calculate energy yields
energy investment, solar power, wind power,  offshore wind, onshore wind,
Optimise asset portfolios
EnergyMetric provides access to solar and wind resource maps and up to 30 years of site-specific meteorological history through an easy-to-use interface packed with intuitive visualisations and data insight to support your solar and wind planning
Standard global weather simulation
EnergyMetric weather simulation

Precision weather data made for your project

  • EnergyMetric includes comprehensive mesoscale weather data at up to 330m spatial and 10-minute temporal resolution
  • Access a time series of your choosing with up to 30 years of solar and wind data on demand
  • Get a quick feel for site suitability by exploring solar and wind resource maps 
  • Probabilistic modelling provides uncertainty estimates on energy production at P10/P50/P90

Site assessment

EnergyMetric comes with resource maps, long-term weather time series and the ability to integrate geospatial data - such as existing grid infrastructure, environmental layers or development zones - to undertake comprehensive site assessments for new solar and wind projects.

Yield analysis

EnergyMetric is packed full of detailed production statistics to allow you to accurately calculate likely energy yields for individual solar and wind projects. Estimates are quantified for uncertainty at P10/P50/P90 and driven by up to 30 years of high resolution meteorological data. Calculate LCOE values for your project with an integrated and fully-adjustable Excel spreadsheet to really boost your financial analysis. 

Portfolio optimisation

EnergyMetric can scale from project to portfolio level analysis with ease. With the ability to include up to 400 individual solar or wind developments across multiple geographies, EnergyMetric enables developers and investors to effectively plan their portfolio expansion strategy. Model how your generation mix could evolve and add in load curves to assess your ability to match production against current and future demand requirements.

See how EnergyMetric can enhance your solar or wind analysis

“I was pleased to be involved in the development of EnergyMetric. The result is a marvellous application which is extremely efficient and useful. Our generation activities include both solar and wind and I have enjoyed exploring scenarios with both technologies. I find the application particularly useful for prospecting and strategic site selection, considering both the variable resource and financial perspectives.”
Frederic Petit, Director of Development, UNELCO Engie
“Having seen a recent demonstration of EnergyMetric I was very impressed with the application. From my experience in the renewables sector I can see particular value for aspirational energy companies who are planning the development of complex hybrid portfolios and need sound guidance to strengthen project business cases.”
Ramon Fiestas, Independent Energy Consultant

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The team behind EnergyMetric

EnergyMetric is developed by the Institute for Environmental Analytics (IEA), a commercial R&D organisation based in Reading, UK. With a long track record in applied weather and climate modelling, we specialise in providing the data, software and technical consultancy to help energy sector companies fully understand the impact of weather and climate on their assets, infrastructure and markets. 

Check out our website for more information on our energy sector work or click the button below to contact Andrew Groom, Business Development Director, to discuss how we can support your energy analysis.

See how EnergyMetric can enhance your solar or wind analysis

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